Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wow! We're really open!!!

Well, it's the first real week of store hours here at The Green Hand. It will be interesting to settle into a regular rhythm.

The First Friday opening was a huge success. Thanks for coming!!! It was a narrow squeak -- I only got my hands on the permits from the City at 2:00 that afternoon! Phew. But it happened, all was well, and it was a blast.

You can see some photos and a quick write-up of the event over at Loren's website by clicking here:
Artwalk Crowds Stampede Sasquatch

There are still a few loose ends to tie up, and tons of books to process yet. I'm finishing up my newly acquired paperback bookcases (thanks to Nancy over at Cunningham Books). They are now bright shiny red! Only one left out of the three to put a final coat on. Good thing too, 'cause I have boxes and boxes of paperbacks to break out for you all to rummage through.

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