Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vintage kitchen fun

Some of you may know the secret delight I get from weird vintage food ephemera, like those hideous recipe cards that McCall's and other women's magazines used to sell, and images of cakes, etc etc. Well, right now some of my table display space is dedicated to that branch of bookery -- COOKERY!

Please welcome with me such gems as "SPAM: A Biography," a disturbing array of McCall's cookbook issues ("Marvelous Book of Meats" anyone?), and a smattering of nifty old recipe booklets, such as the "Exciting World of Rice Dishes" and "True Grits."

Also included is the Go-Tan pamphlet about the Indonesian Rice Table, in which are detailed a wonderful assortment of Indian recipes made surreal by their combination of Dutch and Indonesian languages (although the recipes themselves are in English). Most tell you a good deal of information, but one of them was so succinct it hardly seemed worth it to put in the booklet, except for its title: Sharkfin-Soup!

Please don't neglect the cake covered in blue flames.  Really, what hostess couldn't wow her over-stuffed dinner guests with one of these served up for dessert???  Oh, right, that would be the hostess whose guests were already reeling from having several hideous gelatin-mold salads inflicted upon them.  Riiiiiiiight.

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