Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stephen King red leather library!

Now hitting the shelves -- a whole row of Stephen King Library faux red leatherette hardcovers with gold foil stamped titles, etc.  Some of these are quite coveted by collectors.  Prices range from $10 to $30, quite reasonable for these limited release items.  Tasty!

We also have a recent Cemetery Dance release, if anyone is interested -- Maine author Rick Hautala's Occasional Demons in a limited signed hardcover edition for $40.  This is a great item for Maine horror fans, since not only is it a Hautala book to add to the shelf, but also it features another Maine horror star, Glenn Chadbourne, who executed a fabulous series of black and white illustrations for the volume.  You may also have noticed that we have a copy of the complete Dark Tower Concordance, as released by Cemetery Dance, up on the shelf to the left of the red leatherette volumes.

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