Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well, nothing ever stands still here in the shop. The other week we started work on expanding the sci-fi/fantasy section, and today we kicked off another chain reaction.

A few of the changes:
-- The literary biographies (authors and poets) have their own little bookcase now.
-- There is now an "Adventure and Intrigue" fiction section, with everything from spy novels to Civil War novels to nautical adventure, etc.
-- The "Exploration" and "Arctic" sections have been moved out of History into the section that also houses the shipbuilding/sailing books. It seemed like a natural fit!
-- There is a new Art section bookcase right at the front of the store as you come in, housing some of the oversized books, some art history, photography, and Collectible guides (including autos/airplanes).

On the agenda as we move more stuff around:
-- Adding a pair of double-sided cases near the counter, where the "New Arrivals" table is now, one of which will house the weird non-fiction.
--Expanding the horror section into the tall bookcase which previously housed the weird non-fiction books.

Hot diggity! There's no sitting-on-hands going on here. :) More to come, too... stay tuned!

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