Thursday, April 23, 2020

Thank you everyone!

During Monday's workshop meeting of the Portland City Council it was decided that the city was not going to enforce the ban on mail order for retail businesses, until they can formalize and rewrite the order in the next official meeting (April 27). Thank you everyone for the support you gave towards the effort to make this happen! We couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you for speaking out in support of the survival of Portland's small businesses who were going to be decimated by this measure! We are able to continue to provide safe service to you all because of this.

Going forward, we are again able to provide mail order delivery of books to you. Please email with your requests, and I will work through them as rapidly as I am able. Gift certificate orders are still being accepted, and obviously if anyone feels strongly enough that they want to make a donation, I will gratefully accept funds to assist in keeping the Green Hand Bookshop going during this dearth of "business as normal."

Please know (and this should be common sense) that I am not buying or trading books at this time, or for the forseeable future, and that the shop continues to be closed to the public.

Hopefully by sometime this summer it is possible that the Covid-19 outbreak will be leveling out, and with antibody tests in place we can start to plan out a return to "normal."

Thanks again, everyone! :)

Here is WGME's coverage of the events that culminated on Monday evening:

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