Friday, January 15, 2010

Fire Report!

Last night at about 9:45, we got a call (thanks McNallica!) that the old Zinnia's building, across the street from the bookshop, and next to my husband's shop, The Fun Box Monster Emporium, was on fire. There was smoke blowing through the block onto Deering Street as we arrived just before 10:00.

Firemen were breaking out the top story windows as we arrived on the scene. An early eyewitness report mentioned an overheard conversation between a few people talking on the stoop of the building shortly before the fire, the topic of their conversation being about breaking into various buildings. More news as warranted.

So far it looks like the firemen did a great job containing and quelling the fire. Adjoining apartments and shops all seem to be fine, if smelling a bit like Hickory Farms, to quote shopowner Tristan Gallagher. Project manager Claire Betze admitted a certain feeling of discouragement at the setback, but was quick to rejoin that sentiment with the affirmation that it could have been much worse, and seemed very positive about getting the work back on track quickly when I ran into her this morning.

The bookshop was not affected, thankfully, and this morning the only signs of what happened are a few small shards of broken window on the sidewalk across the street, the broken-open windows on the upper floors of Zinnia's. Workcrews are proceeding at full speed ahead this morning at the site, cutting plywood and likely trying to beat the storm system heading this way to avoid any more exposure damage.

Photos are online here, on my Flickr site. A few included below. Video is available online at the WCSH-6 website here:
Congress Street fire coverage

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