Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some fun SF items

Just thought I'd share these little oddities from my New Arrivals with you folks...  Enjoy!

I do want to make sure you notice this lovely lady's crazy outfit, hair, and WEBBED FINGERS. Pretty hot, no?

We follow the lady with this awkward gentleman and the horrible pun that makes up his title. Eeesh! Poor guy.

A closer view of the awkwardness, in case you wanted to examine it further.

The synopsis? Well, okay: "Call for Mr. Fixit! The Company had a big problem -- it was illegally exploiting a fabulously rich planet named Prism, a world where even the tiniest creatures were living jewels.

But, somehow, all contact had been lost with the scientists of the survey team. The Company didn't want to draw attention to itself by sending in a rescue mission, so they assigned Evan Orgell, a self-confident problem-solver, to investigate.

Evan was good, but he didn't understand Prism. Worse, he couldn't solve the real mystery of the mission... until it was too late."

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